About Us

Education is the Key to Unlock the Golden Door to Freedom

Who We Are?

The School Assembly is one of the most important aspect of a school’s curriculum. It nurtures positive ethos, pupil self-development and therefore raising standards of all forms of achievement and excellence.

  • Teachers involve, contribute and are a medium to communicate and teach the art of worship, discipline, sense of unity and harmony as the entire class gathers in cohesive spirit for the Assembly Programme.
  • School Prayer, National Pledge, Physical exercise and daily News form a part of every Assembly Programme.
  • Student turnout is checked and corrected for their overall grooming.
  • The National Anthem sung at the end of the Assembly Programme instills a great sense of National Pride and Patriotism in the Young Indians.

What We Do?

We believe that education is a process that should foster creativity,. Independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process all without compromising on sound ethical values. Hence we educate the minds as well as the hearts of the children. Our mission is to provide best qualitative education in nurturing, caring and safe environment to facilitate the overall positive transformation of the child.

  • Our goal is to make our motto “Learners today, Leaders tomorrow” the dream and reality of our students.
  • A leader creates an inspiring vision of the future. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.
  • Thus as educators we feel it is our responsibility to be a guiding stone to our students reach their goals.